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PBO: 18/11/13/4841
NPC: 2000/001288/08
B-BBEE Certified
SETA Accredited

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Happy Quotes

Quotes from the Happy Hearts

handprint” Heartbeat changed my life because I was the only child and then when my mother died, I came to this support group of Heartbeat. They taught me a lot of things and then I know how to talk with other people because when I didn’t have support I was feeling anger but now i’m okay and I really know how to talk with other people. ” (Nellmapius High School pupil)


I am able to see that we don’t just come here at Heartbeat to sit and  talk and eat we should absorb whatever we are being taught and apply it in our life so that we can be able to teach other people out there who need information because a lot of people need it and we have it with us just sitting with it and we don’t explore it.” (Tembisa High School pupil)


” I used to go to school without a uniform and that made me scared. it’s because the teachers make fun of you, some teachers kick you, they say you must go back to your home and come back with a school uniform, and the kids laugh at you too” (Emthonjeni High School pupil)


The biggest lesson that I can say that I have learned so for is that, perseverance is the mother of success and if I have to see myself somewhere someday, I just gotta work hard and believe that one day its gonna be mine.” (Vuyolwethu Thena)


“Okay when I look myself in the mirror before I met Heartbeat, Okay  I can see myself maybe as an alcoholic, pathetic.”(Tembisa tertiary student)


“Heartbeat has made my education their first priority like they sponsor me with stationary and all those things, I don’t feel like an orphan I look like other children at school, I do things they do I act like them I don’t look, until I told them i’m also an orphan they don’t believe me that i’m orphan also, so i don’t act or look like an orphan so they sponsor me too much.” (Vosloorus High School pupil)


handprint 2

” The biggest lesson that I’ve learned in Heartbeat is that they told us that we mustn’t give up in life and we mustn’t lose hope because hope creates a perseverance and perseverance creates a character and a character is the ability to make the right decisions so we must keep on going and we must believe in who we are and not because of what you want to be, that is what I have learned. ” (Nellmapius High School pupil)


I gained acute skill on how to start and run a business
from the Business Beat Program. After the program I am able to
identify, start and sustain a business using precise methods. I
learned what it takes to an entrepreneur in terms of self-motivation,
Ethics e.t.c. Now I am able to operate my own company, formulate
feasible business plans and sell ideas to potential investors.
In conclusion the Business Beat Program was an empowering experience
for both life and business skills.