NPO: 015-242
PBO: 18/11/13/4841
NPC: 2000/001288/08
B-BBEE Certified
SETA Accredited

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Young Hearts

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Overtime Heartbeat has come to realize that the organisation is not only caring and supporting for OVCY but also growing young leaders. Chris Mzilem and Cindy Sithole are only two of the young leaders grown by Heartbeat. Today Chris is the secretary of the South African student congress (SASCO) and a member of the student Representative Council of the University of Johannesburg and Cindy is studying towards a Masters of Technology in operations Management at the University of Johannesburg. As a result of the success stories of young people like Chris and Cindy, Heartbeat is now actively selecting and supporting young leaders from the Heartbeat family of programmes and organisations. These “Young Hearts”  are supported and developed to become agents of change in their communities and in South Africa be that through community programmes, social enterprises or entrepreneurial activities. In order for them to put their leadership skills in practice, Heartbeat has developed the following community beats for Young Hearts to implement: